Family Law Awards 2023

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Lawyer Monthly Family Law Awards 2023

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Voting is now closed for the Lawyer Monthly Family Law Awards 2023.

The 2023 Lawyer Monthly Family Law Awards is dedicated to the legal professionals and law firms that provide support, guidance and legal counsel to those seeking fair and equitable results for family members. Given the often emotionally charged nature of family law matters, the attorneys involved have a unique skill set which often includes strong negotiation skills and a natural instinct for sensitivity, particularly in cases involving children. The Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards recognises that family law is a broad church which includes, amongst others, alimony settlements and custody , wills and trusts, divorce law and emancipation. Finding the very best family law attorney is crucial for those families going through challenging times or those wanting to secure their future. It is for this reason that Lawyer Monthly celebrates the attorneys and law firms dedicated to this diverse and rewarding area of practice.

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